In the opening scene we have divided into two sections for the two swimmers diving into the water. the first one to dive in is the more professional swimmer, and the second one is teh rookie swimmer. We chose to show these differences in a few different ways; firstly the more professional swimmer had a swim cap on whereas the rookie swam without one, other types of equipment that the rookie did not have are goggles. these two vital pieces of equipment will hinder the athletes performance making it harder for the rookie to win the race. Secondly the style of diving separates the two athletes enormously as you can see. The more Pro swimmer dives off the blocks and propels himself as far as possible through the air. We then see him entering the water with minimum spalsh, allowing him to glide effortlessly forward. Whereas the rookie just plops off the edge of the pool creating a large splash and submerging down towards the bottom of the pool.

All the sound techniques used are diegetic. This is becasue we have not imported music, but edited some of the sound we heard during hte film. Editing the sound helped the viewer understand some of the messages that we were trying to convey. The viewer first sees this and is the most obvious when the two swimmers dive into the water, the more pro making minimal splashing sound, compared to the rookie who makes a massive splashing sound.

after completing the filming we had to do a lot of editing so that the clips joined smoothly. Also every clip we filmed was always too long so therefore we had to cut the beginnings, endings and sometimes middle parts out.This is becasue when filming action such as dives, the camera has to start filming before hte action begins, for several reasons; so the camera can focus, so there is no chance in missing the stunt, and so the actor can begin in his own time.


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