Drugs in sport are getting out of control. Drugs have been a big part of International cycling for many years and we are never gonna get rid of them. The biggest sporting scandal is over Lance Armstrong using drugs to win the Tour de France… 7 times. Drugs were first introduced in the 1990’s in cycling. Now these days, They are commonly used in sports like cycling to win races. When  Lance Armstrong first competed in The Tour de France he found it near impossible to keep up. This then drove cyclists like Lance into using drugs because it was the only way they would be able to ever win, meaning more and more competitors started using drugs.

Even these days it’s been proven the world anti doping agency’s technology isn’t good enough.  Half the athletes are using different types of drugs that are not being picked up, allowing them to win. The other half that is not using any drugs are at an unfair disadvantage. So in this case wouldn’t it  make sense if riders were allowed to use drugs, so that no athlete has any advantage over the others.

In every sport the technology gets better and better which improves your performance. So, why can’t we use the best technology to make our bodies perform the best? These days, our equipment is made out of the most advanced materials possible, like carbon fibre, titanium and graphene. If we can use these, why can’t we use natural substances that come from our bodies like steroids, EPO and blood doping.

All these banned substances known to us as drugs, have similar effects as caffeine on our body. If a clean cyclist was in a bike race but had just loaded up on caffeine, Even though he is clean of drugs he would still have an unfair advantage over his rivals who have no caffeine in their system. when looking at it this way, when do you draw the line between what’s a drug, and what’s not. The World Anti Doping Agency allows you to have as much caffeine as you’d like in your system. in my eyes Caffeine is worse than steroids and EPO because caffeine is not a natural substance from your body. It’s so hard to rule a line between what’s a drug and what’s not, All drugs should become legal so that everyone can have access to the most advanced technology to help us get the best result possible.

many modifications are made by manufacturers make to bikes to be competitive. No-one would have a hope these days in a competition on a steel frame, for example. Carbon fibre is where it’s at – it’s just a modern solution that simply makes us faster and lighter. Why can’t we use the same clever approach with our bodies? Isn’t the whole point of competition to make ourselves the best possible?

Having a super light carbon fibre frame is the same as using diuretic on our bodies. because at the end of the day what the difference they are both just making us lighter allowing us to perform at a higher level. Using Steroids is the exactly the same. what does steroids improve… power and efficiency. what does the most advanced and expensive Drive chain improve? power and efficiency. This is the same with many more components on a bike and substance that are called drugs that are illegal. what’s going to happen next? will we not be allowed to upgrade  our bikes and use the next latest and greatest improvements that come out.

Sports will always be evolving and the drugs are just part of it, because at the end of the day most drugs used to improve your performance are all natural. Why is everyone still fighting, drugs are here to stay.

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