24th February 2017


R – When you are drawing a picture, you cant like do anything in that line.

s – So its fully cooked

R – Cooked as bro

A – That sucks

R – You suck

S – So how long does this thing need to be

C – That was 40 seconds so thats the longest it needs to be

S – Ok we’re at 17 at the moment

R – So what do we talk about?

S – How ruined Alyx’s phone is

R – So whats everyone doing in the weekend?

A – Just got work… Ya know. Black peak gelato….

R – Yeah, we know where you work…

S – Alyx what are you doing on Friday?

R – Yeah Alyx

A –Hucking a party

R – Are you gonna get turnt?

A – No, hahahahaha

S – Sink some alcoholic beverages?

A – NOoo Sam thats all you

S – Done!


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